Ooh, look, Super Power’s coming…

How long have Scientologists been waiting for Super Power’s release? Living in Clearwater, we’ve had front row seats to this debacle. I used to shop at the Peter Gillham’s in the Gray Moss Inn building before the Church bought it. Construction on the site began in 1998, and it’s still not opened for business today (early November 2012).

Just how much parishioner money has been wasted on this mess? According to an article in the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Pete Times):

“Harney said ‘it would not be appropriate’ to give a final cost for construction, as the building was funded by parishioners’ donations. When reminded of estimates that the building would cost $90 million, she said those ‘were not incorrect.'”

Another article in the Times reports CofS raised at least $145 million for this monstrosity.

I won’t get into how off-policy all this fundraising was; plenty of others have brought that up. But I remember the promo pieces we used to get in the mail, detailing the imported marble and custom carpeting. Really? Is that what LRH would have done? No, he stressed the cleanliness of our MEST, not the quality. From HCO PL 17 June 1969, The Org Image:

“When important people enter an org and find its premises messy, themselves and their requirements neglected, the org not only loses their fee, it also loses the important friends who would actively protect it.”

“There are several zones which comprise the org image.

“1. Premises, particularly the entrances and interview and service areas. These should be neat, not cluttered up with baggage, paper, tattered notices or unsightly things.”

There’s also HCO PL 12 March 1975, The Ideal Org, which among its list of what makes an ideal Org, states:

“It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public.”

Or go to HCO PL 11 December 1969, Appearances in Public Divisions:

“It is always easy when one has millions to spend to make a commanding image. The trick is to make it without its costing more than one can afford.

“One has to make the money before one makes the full image.

“There is much one can do — and has to do — at no financial cost or at a low price.”

Now, here’s the icing on the cake. I was recently reading LRH ED 301 INT, Ron’s Journal 30, 1978 — The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech. This issue came out before I got into Scientology this lifetime, so I missed its original issue. As I was reading it, I came across this tidbit where LRH was listing out discoveries and advancements in 1978:

SUPER POWER. A Super fantastic, but confidential series of Rundowns that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the Super Power of a Thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world Clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel Rundown to Power in Saint Hills which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high-power rundowns which are brand new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on Dianetics. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming in the Super Power auditors in a special International course. It will be delivered in almost all languages.”

Farther into this ED, in the section on Saint Hills, it reads:

SUPER POWER. There is no reason a Dianetic Clear should be denied the powerful gains which research made available in ’78 (see above). For the public who have gone Dianetic Clear, and those who haven’t, Saint Hills will become a mecca where they obtain the most excellent results obtainable in Super Power.”

Friends of LRH, in an analysis of CofS’ use of improperly cited LRH quotes, included a great breakdown regarding Super Power promo, including a scan from The Auditor World Wide, #155 (January 1979) that announces it’s pending arrival and encouraging public to sign up (click “Start” and go to Topic 3 for this section).

So almost 34 years ago, we were six weeks away from Super Power being delivered at Saint Hills. I wasn’t around, but what happened? Didn’t anyone at the time question what happened to Super Power? And now, decades later, it’s a Flag-only service that requires a massive building and a bunch of bizarre, space age equipment. Do you really think what they’re going to deliver in this building matches what LRH developed all those years ago? If you do, I’ve got some ocean-front property in Oklahoma to sell you.