Don’t be a victim

Hand-in-hand with my last post on overts, comes this one about responsibility. It stems from the same email my husband received, where he was being slammed for pointing out the natter in the Field and what it signifies. The emailer told the tale of another Scientologist who has suffered a series of tragedies that he lays at the feet of COB and CofS, thus justifying this fellow’s natter. In other words, this fellow was a victim. Wow, what an outpoint.

Being a victim is the polar opposite of what we strive for as Scientologists. We want to be fully at cause over our lives and the physical universe. Every course we take, every auditing action we do, are designed to help us become more at cause. We should never wallow in victimhood. Sure, life slaps us around and bad things happen. We’re still on planet Earth after all. But the degree to which we can spot what responsibility we have in those bad things, is the degree of cause we can accept. To help illustrate this point, let me craft a completely fictitious example.

Let’s say I was driving home from work one day when, BAM! Someone runs their red light and T-bones my car. Not only is my car totaled, but my leg and arm are badly broken, leaving me unable to work for an extended time. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was driving the speed limit, minding my own business. I lead a good life, don’t go around committing crimes. Why did this happen to me?!

Well, in this imaginary incident, let’s say I decided to not be a victim and instead looked at what responsibility I could take. Lo, and behold, I realize that when my alarm clock went off that morning, I decided to not get up yet. That lead to my being late to work, causing me to have to stay late to make up the time. Had that not happened, I wouldn’t have been in that intersection at the time the fellow ran the red light. So there, I’ve found something I could take responsibility for and could put myself back at cause.

Important: Taking responsibility for what happened to me does not lessen the overt of the person who ran the light and hit me. He is still at fault in the eyes of the law and with his own case.

That was a rather simple example. It could be something much harder to spot. Perhaps it goes back to a prior lifetime, maybe retribution for some planet I blew up. Who knows? Outside of an auditing session I certainly shouldn’t be listing on what I did to deserve the present time trouble. That’s not the point.

The point is simply realizing there’s something we did, at some point on our timetrack, to pull in the bad things. Realizing that helps us move more at cause. So the next time you find yourself thinking you’re being victimized, bullied, whatever, if you can’t get in session, at least accept the idea you had some responsibility for what happened. You’ll feel a whole lot better.


Overts don’t mean you’re a bad person

You may have read my hubby’s latest post, Overts and Withholds. It was a topic of conversation recently in our house and I have some points I’d like to make on the subject.

One point I made to Paul (and that he included in his post) is that the mere fact you have overts doesn’t not make you a bad person. If you’re a human being living on this planet, you’ve got overts. All us Earthlings do. Overts are just another part of your case, like secondaries, service facsimiles, you name it. You shouldn’t look down on someone or think less of them because they have overts. To borrow from Christianity, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” And if someone suggests you might want to consider doing an O/W write-up, don’t take it as an attack. You get case gain from a good O/W handling. You’ll feel a whole lot better and that’s the point.

Part of this came up because of a post Paul had written last year about a particular prominent Scientologist who tended to include a good bit of natter in his blog. That old post of Paul’s recently led to him getting slammed in a private email by another prominent Scientologist blogger, hence the topic coming up.

First of all, let’s take a look at natter and what it means. According to the Collins English Dictionary, the British definition of natter when used as a verb is to talk idly and at length; chatter or gossip. In Scientology, natter more specifically refers to critical or derogatory talk about something or someone. Here’s what LRH had to say about what’s typically behind natter:

“Natter and 1.1 remarks mean a whithhold.” (HCOB 15 Oct 74)

“Sometimes pcs who have big overts become highly critical of the auditor and get in a lot of snide comments about the auditor. Such natter always indicates a real overt.” (Tech Dictionary definition, from HCOB 7Sept 64 II)

So what’s not nattering? Well, merely pointing out the facts of someone’s wrong-doing (and we all know COB has a rather extensive list of wrong-doing) is not necessarily natter. When you point out the time, place, form, and event as it were, you’re merely recounting factual incidents.

But when you start making derogatory comments about his physical stature (or lack thereof), that has nothing to do with the out-ethics behavior. Nor is referring to him as Pope or Mini-Pope relevant. It’s purely for insult purposes. The same could be said for some of the insults hurled at CofS — using a dollar sign in place of the “S”, for instance. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you read my blog, or my husband’s, you quickly realize we’re no apologists for either COB or CofS. But one can criticize, point out the crimes, etc. without devolving into natter. Sadly, natter seems to be a growing cancer in the Independent Field.

I left staff back in the late 80s and because of the out-tech and out-ethics at my org at the time, was not given my “leaving staff sec check”. Thankfully some years later, when a new team was leading the org, and when it was finally discovered on their end that my forced departure was based on a lie, I was called back in for those sec checks. Perhaps that’s why I can talk about the outpoints and crimes without resorting to natter. When my husband Paul posited the idea of a “Leaving Scientology Rundown”, the level of natter we saw in the Field was part of the reason.

Natter isn’t doing anyone any good, except that it’s letting others know you probably have some O/Ws in need of handling. Get them cleaned up. You’ll feel a whole lot better. And you can still inform the world of COBs crimes, and of the serious crimes committed by CofS under his leadership. Nobody is saying you can’t, nor is anyone saying you don’t have the right to natter. You have the right to say whatever you please. All we’re saying is, do yourself a big favor and clean up your O/Ws. You’ll be glad you did.