I won’t be defining most regular Scientology terms here. I make an assumption that if you’re reading this blog, you have a basic understanding of Scientology. But I do use some slang as well as my personal shorthand for certain things, so I’ll define those items here. I’ll add to this page as needed. If you feel I should add something, please leave me a comment.

Admin: Refers to the body of information in the “green-on-white” Policy Letters (the “green volumes”).

Book One: Refers to the auditing in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

COB: Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center David Miscavige. I know there are plenty of other more colorful terms used for COB, but I try to keep derogatory comments to a minimum here.

This is my shorthand for referring to the current corporate structure of the Church, short for Church of Scientology. When you see me use the run-on CofS, I’m referring only to the malfunctioning current corporation, not Scientology, the religion.

Cont: Refers to Continental Management (Continental Liaison Office, or CLO).

Continental Liaison Office (CLO): A CLO manages the Orgs in its “continent” (note that doesn’t necessary mean traditional landmass continents).

C/S 53: An auditing list used to bring the PC’s TA (tone arm) level back to a normal range.

Dog’s Breakfast: This is British slang meaning a mess. LRH uses this term on some tapes. If you prefer more American slang, you could use FUBAR (F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition).

FEBC: Flag Executive Briefing Course, or as LRH called it in HCO PL 22 May 74R, “the Class VIII Course for admin.”

Field: This is my shorthand for what many call the “Independent Field”. This refers to those Scientologists that have chosen to leave CofS and operate independent of the corporate Church. I’ll always capitalize the word when I refer to that. If I’m just referring to a more generic ‘field’ surrounding an Org, it won’t be capitalized.

FPRD: False Purpose Rundown, an auditing action that goes after the root of false purposes, freeing the PC of their effect.

Int: Refers to International Management.

Line Charge: A prolonged spell of uncontrollable laughter or crying… usually signals the sudden release of a large amount of charge and brings about a marked change in the case. (from Creation of Human Ability)

Persistent F/N: An unkillable floating needle (for at least that day).

PTS Type A: PTS is short for Potential Trouble Source, typically meaning someone who is connected to a suppressive person (SP). In the case of a Type A situation (or sit for short), it refers to a person intimately connected (such as a familial relationship) to someone antagonistic to mental or spiritual treatment or Scientology.

Tech: Refers to the body of information in the ‘red-on-white” Bulletins (the “red volumes”).

Type 3: When dealing with PTS situations, they typically fall into three levels. Type 1 refers to a case where the SP is actively suppressing the person in present time. With Type 2, it’s a case where someone in the person’s current environment is only a restimulator of the actual SP. The most serious level is Type 3 — this is where the person sees apparent SPs everywhere.

Wogs: This term has been around Scientology for a long time, but was part of British slang even earlier. It’s short for “worthy Oriental gentleman” and refers a common, ordinary, run-of-the-mill human. In Scientology, we use it refer to those people who aren’t Scientologists.


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