Oooh, I’ve been declared!

If you follow my hubby’s blog, Martin Luther, then you already know the news. And he’s right, we were never invited to a Committee of Evidence. Dang! Maybe they’re afraid of us. And like so many in the Field have reported, we didn’t get any goldenrod. I’d write some cramming orders, but I know that would be a big waste of my time.

I’m with Paul — curious how they finally figured out we’d officially left. After all, we haven’t been on lines in years due to freeloader debts. We’re still not listed on the Indie 500 list (despite sending emails asking to be added… see Paul’s post mentioning that here). We get very few visitors to our blogs. Perhaps it’s because we’ve remained Facebook friends with some other independent Scientologists. Who knows. Maybe it will at least mean our mailbox won’t be stuffed with junk mail from COB’s church.

Meanwhile, I’ll wear my not-on-goldenrod declare order with pride. We haven’t left Scientology. My husband and I still adhere to the path LRH laid out. It’s CofS that’s veered off that path. COB has done his darnedest to destroy the Bridge. Hopefully more Scientologists wake up, realize their Church has been corrupted, and join us in the Field. If enough of us band together, we can bring about a true Renaissance of Scientology, restoring LRH’s works to their rightful place, lighting the path to freedom.


Out of the closet

As the title says, I’m hereby officially out of the closet, or perhaps I should say, on the radar. I’ve submitted my name (Nancy Foster) to be added to the Indie 500. I look forward to continuing to do what I can to save Scientology from COB’s destruction. If you’re interested in my back story, I’ve added it to my original Introduction post (scroll down to the update section).

Commenting on this blog

While I welcome your feedback, I will be moderating comments. I’m pretty much chained to my computer, so I don’t foresee long comm lags between my being notified of a comment and responding accordingly. I don’t mind if you disagree with me, but I won’t allow derogatory comments on either side of an argument. I try to avoid using snarky or snide terms in my posts, and won’t allow them in comments. We’re better than that, people.


I’ve been a Scientologist since the mid ’80s. I firmly believe in the applied religious philosophy of Scientology as founded by L. Ron Hubbard. I say “as founded” because what’s being practiced today in official Churches has deviated greatly from what LRH laid out.

I’ve been ‘off lines’ for many years which makes ‘flying under the radar’ pretty easy. It also protected me from much of the damage that’s been done in my Church for the last decade or so, but I’ve seen much over those years that greatly concerned me. I’m highly admin trained (FEBC) and have seen serious outnesses, but always held out hope Management could be corrected. That changed when I read Debbie Cook’s email (living in the shadow of Flag, it was published in our local paper). I didn’t know Debbie personally, but I certainly knew of her, as did many Scientologists. Her tale was the proverbial last straw for me.

My husband has been more vocal than I. He started his blog Martin Luther earlier this year and it offers excellent posts. I highly recommend it. I finally chose to do my own as there are things I want to say as well. Sadly, we both need to remain under the radar for now. To come out publicly could cost us financially, something we can’t afford right now. I look forward to the day when we can come out from the shadows.

While some of my posts will cover issues of the past — both things I’ve witnessed, and things others have discussed — my main focus is on the future. As we witness the slow destruction of the Church of Scientology International, I want to do what I can to help ensure LRH’s Scientology is available to all from this point forward.

Update: 11/07/12

Out of the Closet

For quite some time now, my husband and I have remained under the radar. Our business is our only source of income, and we had several customers that are/were Scientologists. We were concerned that coming out with our independence would cause those customers to leave us. With the economy the way it’s been these past few years, we thought we couldn’t afford to lose anyone. But at some point, you’ve got to evaluate the cost of keeping such a thing secret. I’ve basically been running a suppress on myself, withholding how I felt about what’s been happening with the Church. This blog provided some outlet, but there was still that suppress.

After some discussion, my husband and I have decided the costs to our spiritual well being outweigh the benefits to our wallet. Sure, this decision may cost us some business, but it’s also possible that removing that suppression will actually do more good, rehab some ability, etc. So with that, allow me to fully introduce myself.

My name is Nancy Foster. I was on staff at Tampa Org back in the mid ’80s. I had rapidly risen to PES when I got talked into going to LA for the FEBC program. Our ED was already out there (she went out there shortly after I joined staff) and needed a twin. I’d only been on staff for a year at the time. Unfortunately, our ED should have never been sent there. After she completed the full training program and requesting RTC approved posting, it was determined she wasn’t qualified to be an exec at all, much less the ED. That meant that, instead of me being the D/ED (Org Officer), I was to fire back to the Org as ED, and alone. This completely violates LRH’s dictates on the FEBC program.

My Org was terribly off policy. The more policy I studied while I was in LA, the more I realized just how bad the scene was back home. After completing my training and waiting to fire, I studied the Org’s stats and Data Files. I realized the Org had a serious ethics sit (there was no HCO at all!) and a particular Who that needed removal. But things got even worse when word came down that I was to return as the ED. I had to go to CLO before I could officially take my post, and that’s when I learned just how much trouble I was going to have. It started with meeting the Snr HAS and requesting an ethics mission to help me clean things up. She told me, “I know you’re going into a hornet’s nest. There’s nothing I can do.” So I was really going it alone.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I met with my Programs Chief and she showed me a CSW the T/ED Tampa had submitted, requesting he stay on as ED and I be his D/ED. Now let me explain something rather important here. This T/ED had been a lowly Book Store Officer before the Org’s original ED was sent to LA. While that’s not that bad, he was also a failed student (couldn’t finish Student Hat) and part-time staff. So let’s see, you’ve got a fully trained and interned FEBC who’ll be on a full-time schedule versus a failed-student, part-time staff member. And while I was only Clear, I had a higher case level to boot. Now for the kicker: Programs Chief agreed with the T/ED! Unfortunately for her, I had been Acting Status posted as ED by RTC. She didn’t hide her disappointment that she couldn’t approve the CSW.

I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but suffice it to say the Programs Chief worked with the former T/ED and other staff members behind my back to ensure I’d be removed from post. They succeeded at the earliest possible point. No B of I. No Comm Ev. I tried to stay on, but after awhile, I realized this wasn’t the game I signed up for and routed out. The Org wasn’t done with me though, hitting my husband (Paul) and me both with ridiculous ethics orders. I was told to leave the premises and to not contact any staff member or public.

I wrote it all up and, since Flag was in our virtual backyard, went to the MAA there, but nothing was ever done. Several years later, one of the terminals involved in all this called me, apologizing and explaining she was the source of the information that led to the ethics orders. The T/ED was no longer there and the Org invited me back to finally complete my leaving routing form.

Having done the whole FEBC program (OEC, FEBC with internship, Exec Status I, II, and III, plus Exec Series 40 auditing), I had a rather large freeloader debt. That ended up protecting me from the ravages to the tech that happened in the ensuing years. But we watched via the magazines and many promotion pieces that stuffed our mail box. We saw the debacle that is the Super Power project. Despite us both having freeloader debts, we were regged for Basics packages. (Anyone want one? We have an extra set.) Paul and I had many conversations about what was happening. If you follow his blog Martin Luther, you know his story, but for me, the last straw was reading Debbie Cook’s original email. So here we are on the raggedy edge… I’ll do what I can to save Scientology, as researched and mapped out by LRH. Join me?