Oooh, I’ve been declared!

If you follow my hubby’s blog, Martin Luther, then you already know the news. And he’s right, we were never invited to a Committee of Evidence. Dang! Maybe they’re afraid of us. And like so many in the Field have reported, we didn’t get any goldenrod. I’d write some cramming orders, but I know that would be a big waste of my time.

I’m with Paul — curious how they finally figured out we’d officially left. After all, we haven’t been on lines in years due to freeloader debts. We’re still not listed on the Indie 500 list (despite sending emails asking to be added… see Paul’s post mentioning that here). We get very few visitors to our blogs. Perhaps it’s because we’ve remained Facebook friends with some other independent Scientologists. Who knows. Maybe it will at least mean our mailbox won’t be stuffed with junk mail from COB’s church.

Meanwhile, I’ll wear my not-on-goldenrod declare order with pride. We haven’t left Scientology. My husband and I still adhere to the path LRH laid out. It’s CofS that’s veered off that path. COB has done his darnedest to destroy the Bridge. Hopefully more Scientologists wake up, realize their Church has been corrupted, and join us in the Field. If enough of us band together, we can bring about a true Renaissance of Scientology, restoring LRH’s works to their rightful place, lighting the path to freedom.