Failed Orgs ≠ Admin Tech

I’ve heard more than one person now point to failed orgs and low staff pay as evidence that Admin doesn’t work. Talk about your wrong Why. Let me illustrate this with an entirely different example.

A guy designs and builds a new kind of car. This baby is sleek, and man, is it fast. Even though it’s street-legal (not a race car), it can do 0–60 in two seconds flat! Needless to say he’s pretty proud of his baby. To sell it, he invites a bunch of people to take it for a spin.

The first guy gets behind the wheel, but the car doesn’t move at all. The crowd watching starts to chuckle, and the first driver gives up. The next guy gets in and he manages to get the car to go, but in fits and starts, lurching a bit, then stopping. He gives up and walks away, shaking his head. Driver number three gives it a try and he manages to get the car going smoothly, but only barely — certainly not a speed demon. The crowd’s laughter grows as he leaves the vehicle. Then number four confidently gives it a try, and while he does go faster, it’s still pretty slow. Meanwhile, the car’s designer is pulling out his hair. “What’s happening?” he asks himself. “I succeeded in breaking speed records with this baby.” So what went wrong?

Well, the first driver managed to turn the car on, but he never put it into gear. Number two got it into gear, but didn’t know how to use a clutch. The next guy got past the clutch issue, but didn’t give it any gas. And the last guy knew to give it gas, but he was also riding the brake. So there wasn’t anything wrong with the car — the drivers weren’t properly hatted on how to drive it. And that’s what’s wrong with Orgs — the staff aren’t properly hatted, fail to correctly use Admin, and things don’t work right.

Okay, I hear some of you saying, “Well, you should build a car that’s easier to drive.” Really? That’s your answer? Does the same viewpoint apply to the Tech? Would you plop someone in the chair with a meter and tell him to audit a PC despite not learning the Level first? In other words, should there be no need to train an auditor? (For the few of you nodding yes, dang!)

It’s funny, the Admin-trained people I know all have the utmost respect for red-on-white, but I’ve heard from some auditors who view green-on-white with complete disdain. Let me tell you, as someone who’s trained on Admin, it can be life changing. I experienced LFBDs from some of the things I studied. Just as Tech can help you understand why people do what they do, Admin can help you understand all kinds of whys. The Data Series is awesome tech. So is the Esto Series. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Don’t do an A=A.


Your thoughts?

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