Breaking away

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time, but better late than never. I want to give a sincere “very well done” to the brave folks at the Dror Center in Israel. These Mission Holders, Dani and Tami Lemberger, realized they could no longer support CofS. This was documented in a Village Voice article and on Marty Rathbun’s blog.

After making their break, Dror continues to flourish and prosper, and they’ve expanded beyond the limits of a CofS Mission, now able to deliver OT auditing as well as Academy training. This is terrific! My only concern is I see they’re requiring pre-OTs to do Level 0 before going on to the Solo course. Seems like an arbitrary and a checksheet additive. Not sure what they’re basing this decision on.

What thrills me most about Dror is that, on top of servicing existing Scientologists, they’re promoting to raw public. That makes my heart sing. As I’ve said in earlier posts, we’ve still got a planet to clear and that can only happen if we reach out to raw public.

I would love to see more Mission Holders wake up and do the same thing. They’re in the perfect position to help further the Code of a Scientologist, particularly:

“18. To increase the numbers and strength of Scientology over the world.”


“20. To make this world a saner, better place.”

Missions are very much outwardly focused, reaching out to raw public, helping them cognite on the benefits and value of Scientology. They are set up to both audit and train for balanced delivery. (I’m a big believer in how auditing is only half the Bridge.)

This is exactly what is needed and wanted in the Field. If you have any comm lines to Mission staff, or better still Mission Holders, do all you can to help them confront what’s currently going on in the Church. Let’s hope they choose the red pill and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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