Where’s the Div 6 activity?

One of my long-standing pet peeves in Scientology has been the imbalance between promoting to existing public versus raw public. FSMs, even way back when I was on staff, preferred to work with cognited Scientologists over running the Dissemination Drill on raw public. Sure, I understand it’s a whole lot easier to confront someone who already knows Scientology is the way out. Approaching a raw public could leave you dealing with all kinds of headaches (entheta, Third Party, etc.).

CofS has taken cannibalism of public to a whole new level. The stories of outrageous regging are all over the place. But I fear there’s a similar problem in the Field.

While there may be some in the Field who are actively promoting Scientology to raw public, I haven’t seen any major activity in this area. I’ve heard some say that it’s planned, but mostly the focus I’ve seen and heard is on fellow people in the Field, servicing those who are already out, and trying to get more to “wake up” and leave CofS. That’s all good, but we still have a planet to clear, folks.

With CofS crumbling before our eyes, the Field should be positioning itself to take on the job of clearing the planet. Of course, this goes back to that dreaded “Organization” concept because, ideally, there’d be marketing and promotion to reach all those wogs. To do it properly and on the necessary scale, we’d need the money to finance things like TV commercials and web ads (not email marketing, please — I hate spam!). These could point to a central internet presence that provides people with a destination to learn more, as well as a way for them to locate a “provider” in their area. You know, they type in their location and it would show who in that area offers what. It would just be field practices in the beginning (please, auditing and training), but eventually, we’d need some type of Org structure. (Okay, pick your jaw back up. No, you don’t need to cower in the corner. As I mentioned in my “Who’s afraid of Admin?” post, it’s not Organizations or Admin that’s the boogeyman.)

My point is we need to think big, not just worry about our own cases. I totally understand “racing Dynamic One” — I’m not getting any younger myself and I have a whole lot of Bridge to still do. But I also recognize this is a big planet with a whole lot of people. The more people we clear, the better life would be here on Earth. If appealing to your Third and Fourth Dynamics isn’t working, think about your Second. Don’t you want your kids and grandkids to have a safer, saner world to live in?


Your thoughts?

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