Understanding the Third Dynamic

As someone who’s under the radar, my knowledge of the Independent Field (as I go forward with this blog, I’ll use the term Field, for simplicity’s sake) is limited to mainly what I read online, but I’ve seen some things that cause me some concern. This is the first entry, regarding our Third Dynamic.

The Dynamics are often visualized as concentric circles, each encompassing the prior, but if you were to put the Third Dynamic ‘circle’ under a microscope, so to speak, you’d see it’s made up of many intersecting circles, like multiple ripples in a pond.

From The Fundamentals of Thought, Chapter Four, The Eight Dynamics:
“THE THIRD DYNAMIC — is the urge toward existence in groups of individuals. Any group, or part of an entire class, could be considered to be a part of the Third Dynamic. The school, the society, the town, the nation are each part of the Third Dynamic and each one is a Third Dynamic. This can be called the Group Dynamic.”

So as LRH clearly states, the Third Dynamic consists of a lot of different groups, but I’ve heard some in the Field refer to their Third Dynamic solely as that group that consists of those who have left CofS (my term for what some call “Corporate Scientology”). Their Third Dynamic is so much larger than that. Since I live in the U.S., I’ll base my example on American life, but you should easily be able to translate it to other countries. Say you live on Mockingbird Lane and a drug dealer moves in a couple of doors down. His presence brings even more criminal activity to the neighborhood — thefts go up as people steal to purchase the drugs, prostitution picks up for similar reasons, violence rises, etc. Certainly in this example, it’s easy to see you have a Third Dynamic of your neighborhood. All the residents on the street are affected by this activity.

Then there’s your town. The town leaders pass ordinances that affect your life, taxes that hit your wallet, etc. Then there’s your county, your state, and even your country. Each is a group with mutual interests and concerns and you are a part of each, ergo they are part of your Third Dynamic.

It doesn’t stop there. Your fellow co-workers are all part of your Third Dynamic, the group of you who all work for the same employer. Are you part of a union? That’s another group, another part of your Third Dynamic. Even the industry you work in may be another group, lobbying for laws to be passed that are favorable or fighting those that are not.

Now let’s bring this to the Field specifically. Yes, all those that have left CofS are part of your Third Dynamic, but so are all Scientologists. Just because a Scientologist hasn’t left, doesn’t mean he/she isn’t part of your Third Dynamic. Sure, some are true enemies, but just because someone is an active public or staff member doesn’t mean they aren’t part of your group.

Perhaps they are relatively new to Scientology and aren’t aware this isn’t the way things are supposed to be done. Perhaps they’ve been scared away from searching for the truth. Or perhaps they’re like me, not doing services, but under the radar because they don’t want to lose family, friends, or customers. It doesn’t matter. All Scientologists have decided that Scientology is the way out. We all have mutual interests — being ethical, going free, etc. If you haven’t recently read about Conditions and Exchange by Dynamic, I highly recommend the process. LRH paved the way for us all.

From HCO PL 19 March 1968 Service:
“We will win if we are Scientology, not a lot of isolated groups.”


Your thoughts?

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